Order any alcoholic beverage and get a complementary sip of moose will always be our secret but don't worry if thats not enough now you can order large moose milks, moose milk coffee and even non-alcoholic. Flavors available too. 



Special Events and Catering

Our restaurant is available for private events: weddings, business lunches, dinners, cocktail receptions, and more. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. 



We make batches of margaritas every couple hours at Moosehill to ensure you get the freshest margaritas made with real fruit juices.  Try one of our 20 plus flavors! 

We have a great beer selection too!

Every little bit counts



If we can all just do a little it adds up. At Moose Hill we try to waste as little as possible. We try our best to do our part by recycling. We have recently implimented recycled napkins and biodegradable straws into your dining experience. Long ago we had  seven trash days a week; with all of our employees valiant efforts, we are down to only two trash days. We recycle all of our glass bottles, aluminum, and countless boxes from all of our deliveries.  Thank you Lakwood for your recycling center and for helping our environment. 

About the owner

Mandi's journey with MooseHill started in 1996 at only 15 years old when she dined in with her parents for dinner. She asked Beve who owned this little gem so she could apply if she was hiring. Beve told Mandi no need and to come in to start bussing that night. From that moment on Mandi was permanently apart of MooseHill not knowing her future would hold such an amazing story, almost a Cinderella story to be exact. This was and is Mandi’s first and only job. Within a few years Mandi moved her way up the ladder and became hostess, then waitress then to general manager and now can call herself owner. Through the time working at MooseHill she still continued her college education and became a mother to her three children. Her oldest daughter Elysa is now in college and one of the managers at Moosehill. Mandi's 10 year old daughter Mitra comes to MooseHill often and is known by many of the customers and likes to make her rounds around the dining room. You can even see her youngest, her son Cyrus when Mandi is doing book work. Being together as a family unit is very important to her. Even the staff that isn't blood related is considered family, MooseHill is a "family" not just a work place. The ironic part of her journey is she started here when she was 15 years old and has never left or even had another job in her life this was her calling, something she was meant to do. In 2012 Mandi bought MooseHill and became president of this flourishing company. She had amazing guidance and learned the ins and outs from Beve and Ed the previous owners and is very grateful for them. Her goal is to have a place families and friends can gather and create memories at. It is very important to her to serve quality food at a affordable price so most of the items are made from scratch to save on cost and provide a healthier and tastier dish. She continues to expand her menu especially the gluten free and vegetarian menu and the catering business is growing quickly. She always loves any feedback it helps her create an establishment great for her employees and customers. Thank you for coming into MooseHill and hoping you can become part of the MooseHill family.  If you don't see Mandi walking around the dining room don't worry she helps often in the kitchen and is fortunate to step away sometimes because she has a great team to help it run smoothly while she is gone.

About Moosehill Brighton

Additional Information

We get a lot of questions about Moosehill Brighton. Heres the run down...

"Is it the same food?" 

Yes, they use the same recipes.

Do they have the famous moose milk and margaritas? Not yet but soon. Liquor license  coming soon! 

Is Mandi owner of Moosehill Brighton? NO, they are separately owned and operated. 

"Who runs Moosehill Brighton?" 

Mandi's sister (Letitia) and brother-in-law (Eli)

"What made them decide to open a second location?" 

Letitia (Mandi's sister) was ready to venture on her own with her husband (Eli), who both worked at the Lakewood location  for many years.  Eli served in the US Marines and they are ready for a new venture.  Eli spent many hours in the kitchen learning recipes. 

"Does Moosehill brighten have margaritas?"

 Not yet...but soon they are working on their liquor license.

"What if the experience isn't exactly the same?" 

Give them a chance they are still getting their feet wet. Moosehill Lakewood has been open for over 30 years and we have had our fair share of stumbles.